Plastic package production since 1994

About us

"Korrex" company has been manufacturing different kinds of package since 1994.
We had accumulated unique production experience, that helps us present your goods the best way. 
For these years our company produced many kinds of plastic packaging including food trays, package for cakes and cookies, blisters, containers for sushi, clamshells for salads and vegetables. If your product needs unique package, our specialists will make it according to your requests in a short time. We appreciate a long-term cooperation with our customers. 


Our commitment

Total quality – advanced elaboration, first-class films and regular control are components of high quality package.

Technological innovation – we constantly upgrade the quality and value of products and services by introducing modern technologies and equipment.

Product customization – we provide you with ready solutions for your needs, customize it for you or create a new form.

Where are we

Our office and factory are situated in Yekaterinburg – capital of Ural region located in the middle of Russia. We arrange deliveries all across Russia, as well as to Kazakhstan and Belarus. Moreover, since the beginning of 2016 Europewide deliveries became available from our Italian warehouse in Torino. Cooperation with “Korrex” is lucrative and convenient as we provide all necessary documentation, optimal conditions of delivery and fulfil the terms.

Our partners