Plastic package production since 1994

Packaging for cookies, jellies, marshmallows and wafers

In order to preserve the product from damage during transport and it is beautiful to issue and to attract a buyer, confectionery products are packaged in aprons. The use of aprons for jellies, marshmallows, biscuits and other confectionery products can significantly improve the safety of the product, making it more attractive, reduces costs and losses.

In the production of aprons are using a different type of film. It can be metallized transparent color. It is imperative for the safety of human material. It should be non-toxic, meet the most stringent sanitary standards.

Packing for cookies

Trays cookie is a kind of trays, made of polymer material, plastic. In contrast to the use as packing paper decades ago, to modern packaging options for cookie presented to a number of requirements. The main requirement - the existence of a special hygiene certificate, which would guarantee the harmlessness of the package to human health. Also take into account the tightness of packing and its quality. To avoid losing the properties of the products maintain palatability and avoid damage to the goods, use different types of packaging.

Packing under cookies generally found in several basic embodiments or a combination thereof. In the simplest case the proposed polymer - polyethylene. Also, goods can often be found packed in trays of cookies - a combination of different types of polymeric materials. Often use a combination of plastic and a polyethylene film. Plastic substrate fulfills the role for cookies, served on top of the film, keeping the product from contamination. Often, you can meet the traditional paper packaging or in cardboard boxes.

We can say that over time, such a simple item like cookie packaging, has undergone significant changes that affected the better the quality and safety of products.

Packaging for marshmallow

You can find different colors on execution and aprons for marshmallow. Zephyr placed both individually and in batches. As in the case of cookies, there reigns a variety of options, shapes, colors. You can find transparent and metallized products. They can be both two-component and made in the form of a container, covered with a transparent film.

Packaging for marmalade

Usually, the product, which is sold by weight, packaged in a so-called TV - boxes, cardboard, closed from above the transparent plastic film. With retail packaging, this can serve as a showcase for customers. If packaging is used and the trays under marmalade from various polymeric materials. They are less common than TVs.

Apply transparent and colorful packing for marmalade aprons for the packaged product. Lower side usually made opaque. This kind of substrate under marmalade. Unlike chocolate products, it sells well at any time of the year, as perfectly retains its shape, even in the heat. Trays for jelly combine all the previous versions of the packaging products. Such packaging marmalade favorably with those of a conventional paper wrapper and polyethylene. In this type of saving goods crumbles and does not lose its shape during transportation home from the store, but also attracts shoppers appearance.

Packing for waffles, marshmallows, biscuits and other confectionery products in the form of aprons can significantly improve the safety of the product, making it more attractive, reduces costs and losses.

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