Plastic package production since 1994

Packing for eggs

When choosing packaging for eggs functionality of a quality that should be fundamental, because it is high-quality, functionally-designed packaging will safely protect this fragile product from damage. Today, among the materials used for the manufacture of containers for eggs, competing three basic: paper, plastic, polystyrene foam

Benefits the plastic n front of their competitors are obvious:

  1. transparent containers allow customers without having to open the lid to see what they are buying;
  2. broken eggs can be seen at a glance;
  3. in a plastic bag fight dries, ensuring hygienic packaging;
  4. plastic packaging for eggs provided with a special internal protective racks;
  5. plastic packaging is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.


Paper packaging exists in the market of packaging materials a long time, and many manufacturers have traditionally used it up. However, the fierce competition for customers is increasingly forcing manufacturers and vendors to bring leading positions plastic containers for packing eggs.
This plastic packaging for eggs, and the price for it corresponds to the basic requirements for packaging for eggs: it needs to be tough and durable, because the eggs often have to be transported over considerable distances

Another huge advantage other than price plastics packaging for eggs can be considered its hygiene. Accidentally broken egg cell from the container does not flow, and dries up in the same place, in contrast to the paper-based packaging, where a broken egg, impregnating paper creates favorable for the development of germs and bacteria on Wednesday.

In order to improve the ability to resist various external influences plastic packaging for eggs is equipped with special shock-resistant cells and strengthened internal defensive stance. Plastic packaging is waterproof, resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, its constructive structure allows air to circulate freely inside, preserving the freshness of eggs. At the same containers for eggs of transparent plastic lighter and take up less space than paper or foam.

Let Korrex by plastic eggs for packaging not only meets all the requirements for containers for transporting and storing the product particularly brittle, but also has a price that could compete with the cost of a similar package from other manufacturers. Our containers are equipped with secure locks eggs, protecting them from accidental opening during transport.

We offer standard containers for 10 eggs, as well as plastic packaging, designed for 15 eggs, for product 1, Category 2 and the choice of table eggs.
Our price per package for eggs is not capable of even slightly is to significantly increase the final cost of the product in the sale of retail network, packaging is optimally suited for packing the eggs in the implementation of the consumer at retail outlets. Our company cooperates with major manufacturers of this product (poultry farms), as the functionality of our containers for the packaging of eggs makes it possible to use them for automatic packing lines. Each of our partner can count on an individual approach in determining the terms of the contract.

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