Plastic package production since 1994

Packaging for sushi and rolls

He company Korrex It offers a range of elegant and comfortable trays and containers for land, which will not only keep intact the fragile and delicate sushi and rolls, but will also look attractive on the table of the consumer or in the windows of supermarkets. The range offered by our company package for land includes several unique kinds of lunch boxes, perfectly suitable for packaging and land transport. This tray small snack size portions, and a medium-sized modular systems, and lunch boxes are designed for the format of a friendly party or dinner for the whole family.

Produced by Korrex sushi containers have the following attractive properties:

  1. The presence of a wide variety of size sections inside the container allows separate place different types of sushi and rolls, as well as supplement the traditional Japanese sushi seasoning (wasabi, ginger, soy sauce, etc.) and special chopsticks;
  2. The constructive arrangement of containers and trays endows them with a certain strength, which makes it possible to maintain excellent product during transport;
  3. An interesting two-tone solution containers & ndash; opaque (eg, black or dark brown) and the bottom of the transparent top & ndash; added palatability and attractiveness contain the product;
  4. The ease, convenience and reliability of a reusable opening (closing) provides quick access to the product;
  5. High strength fasteners closure prevents accidental opening of the container during transport;
  6. The flat surfaces allow the caps, the manufacturer (the buyer), if desired, to place their brand labels or other stickers;
  7. The unique compactness of the group makes it possible to place the package one package to another, without losing the strength of each of the lower container.


We offer for sale of land containers with lids or packaging for sushi (trays), without lids, in the choice of the buyer. Our plastic containers & ndash; a great choice for wrapping sushi and rolls for large industrial producers of sushi, as well as for small enterprises or food Sushi delivery services.

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