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Plastic Packaging for cakes and pastries

Confectionery, to which belong and cakes & ndash; gentle enough product, it is easy to damage the integrity of even slight application of force, and the more careless transport or loading (unloading). A huge range of offers confectionery manufacturers gives the potential customer the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of all that sweetness, which, in his view, the most attractive and aesthetically pleasing look. Save this attractive for the buyer, causing the desire to buy the product the appearance of confectionery products will help plastic packaging for cakes, rolls, biscuits, cakes and other sweets.

The company & laquo; Trays & raquo ;, which is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging, to help our customers do not get lost in a huge variety of shapes and sizes of containers and trays for confectionery products available on the market today. Our company offers a whole range of plastic packaging for cakes, among which you can choose the one that is the most optimal for each customer. We have a wide range of both standard containers for cakes:

  • round;
  • square;
  • rectangular;


As well as packaging for ice cream and cakes unusual shapes and sizes:

  • heart;
  • Crescent;
  • polygon;
  • Sectional trays and containers.


On request, we will develop design and create this kind of packaging for confectionery products that will satisfy their needs.

Plastic Cake packaging and pastries, which produces the company & laquo; Trays & raquo ;, is not only a variety of forms. Dimension such important factors as the width, length and height of the packaging container for cakes and other confectionery products can be selected in a wide variety of variations, depending on the initial size of the product, for which it is intended. Available colors of our containers are also very diverse. This usual transparent or white stand for the cake, and a bold pink, yellow, red. Completely transparent cover packaging for cakes to fully enable the consumer to enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of products offered to them.

In addition to the attractive appearance, packaging for cakes and pastries from the company & laquo; Trays & raquo; It has a number of advantages that make a difference among similar goods:

  • The lightness and durability;
  • Hygiene, which guarantees long-term preservation and freshness of the product;
  • Environmental Safety;
  • Sealing and water-resistant;
  • The rigidity and strength;
  • Easy multi-tier transport and storage of large quantities of packaged product without damaging located in the bottom row of containers;
  • The reliability of fixing locks, eliminating accidental opening of the container, and allows you to open and close the container repeatedly;
  • The design features stand for the cake, which does not allow him to move sideways.


Another claimed in the confectionery industry produces a type of packaging company & laquo; Trays & raquo ;. This plastic substrate for cookies, cakes, rolls and other sweet products, as well as for ice cream packaging. Confectionery industry produces a wide variety of products, most of which, due to the brittleness and fragility requires careful transportation and storage. The outlets engaged in the retail sale of confectionery products in small, convenient for meals buyer, used for packaging of such products, our support for cookies, a variety of trays (including separated by partitions), containers and aprons made of plastic, which perfectly preserve the integrity and attractive sweets.

Our company offers its customers very attractive prices for packaging containers for confectionery products, complementing their positive opportunities much choice.

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