Plastic package production since 1994


"Korrex" is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic packing made by thermoforming process. Thermoforming is a plastic production process that heats a two dimensional plastic sheet and uses vacuum and/or pressure to form that sheet into a three dimensional shape.



Custom thermoforming is our expertise. We have been custom thermoforming for almost twenty years. Our diverse, modern base provides the latest technologies to match your packing needs with competitive cost advantage. In addition, our experienced design staff can take your idea from a rough concept and turn it into a custom thermoformed reality.

Quality control remains an integral part of our reputation as one of industry leader in Russia. The manufacturing and stacking operations are quality-driven. Each and every employee-from customer service through engineering, manufacturing, inspection and shipping-contributes to the leading standards of the products created here.
Our highly skilled engineers and toolmakers have the expertise to design and produce precise tooling for each product's unique packaging needs. Meanwhile, tool costs are nominal and assure competitive unit price.


Environment protection is an important question for our company. To minimize influence full recycle of wastes was organized. For this purpose was used modern production experience from Germany, USA and Japan. Our specialists had in-depth training at these countries.

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