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Plastic food packaging

In order to keep the presentation of a product, you need to choose the correct biodegradable packaging. Fresh foods (fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, meat, fish, etc.), Ie, products that are not subjected to any treatment, have different retention periods. However, they have in common is that their storage, specialized plastic trays that preserve product freshness sufficiently long period of time. For example, containers and trays for mushrooms, vegetables, fruit must have holes in plastic packaging to not accumulate excess moisture, the presence of which contributes to the rapid decay products.

The correct biodegradable packaging for mushrooms shall perform the following functions:

  • to prevent spoilage fungi and prolong shelf life;
  • Protect mushrooms from mechanical damage during transport and storage;
  • to attract potential buyers, showing the quality and appetizing appearance of mushrooms.


The company Korrex produces functional plastic trays for mushrooms of various shapes, sizes and volumes that meet all of the requirements for the packaging of the product.

Fresh mushrooms placed in an optimal gaseous environment via MAP processing equipment can be stored in three times longer mushrooms packed in another container. Our company offers all the necessary packaging materials for packaging fungi in modified atmosphere: the containers or trays under seal made of polyvinyl chloride, as well as plastic film for their sealing.

Frozen mushrooms is also conveniently packaged in plastic trays, shallow containers and other packaging for mushrooms. The company Korrex produces plastic food packaging, which can be used for storing food in low temperature conditions which are required to hold fresh frozen mushrooms.

Food plastikovka mushroom packaging can be carried out in establishments producing this product, as well as in large retail outlets & ndash; supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centers, which are in the struggle for the buyer significantly expand the range of fresh produce year-round offered for sale. Increasingly, in the windows of these shops you can see the fresh mushrooms in food plastic packaging. Produced by our company containers and trays for mushrooms have:

  • hygienic;
  • strength and rigidity;
  • aesthetic and attractive appearance.


We offer packages made in a variety of color schemes, which makes it possible to choose the color of the package, which will help to present profitable consumer goods. Our packaging is suitable for packing mushrooms at any enterprises producing or selling mushrooms.

Food Packaging Manufacturer Korrex offering trays for mushrooms, containers and substrates, guaranteed safe products for their consumers. They are made of materials deemed harmless when in contact with food. This is confirmed by certificates of conformity GOST-R, as well as hygiene certificate Russian Ministry of Health.

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